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How to respond when a client says “you’re way too expensive”

In your professional life, there may come moments when a client will say that you are ‘ way too expensive.’ Now normally you might let it go and say ‘fine I have other clients to tend to’ because your prices are your prices and a girls got to eat.,  However, that’s not always the right approach to this kind of situations so here are some ways to find a happy in-between.

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How to stay productive when you have sh*t loads to do

Staying productive when you’ve got shit loads to do has got to be the most challenging aspects of running a creative business, hands down. It can be so overwhelming and we can end up running our minds into the ground because we have so many things to get through in a day, not to mention all the distractions that get in our ways such as social media and our friends texting us like ‘ OMG have you heard, Beyoncés having twins’ not ideal.

Wouldn’t you just love to have your whole life in check and get through tasks without it feeling tedious? Well, thankfully we have some way to get your productivity levels on a high.

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How to find your first clients as a new Freelancer

Ok, so you’ve officially decided that working 9-5 and coming home shattered with little to show for it just isn’t you anymore. You’re now queen of your craft and thinking to go freelance.

For most people that prospect can be very daunting and of course it would be, you’re about to embark on a new journey and go from a steady income to not knowing when you’re going to get your next pay check, not only that you don’t have a clue where to find the people who will actually want to pay for your services.

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