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How to respond when a client says “you’re way too expensive”

In your professional life, there may come moments when a client will say that you are ‘ way too expensive.’ Now normally you might let it go and say ‘fine I have other clients to tend to’ because your prices are your prices and a girls got to eat.,  However, that’s not always the right approach to this kind of situations so here are some ways to find a happy in-between.

Explain your unique selling point (USP)

It’s always good to explain to the potential client as to why you are charging them that price. What are you offering them that they wouldn’t be able to get anywhere else and why is it worth paying that little bit extra?

As a Photographer your response to the client might be; ‘I have over 5 years experience and use only the best camera equipment which will allow me to give you the best quality photos.’

Us as Humans are hungry for knowledge and when you educate and convince the client, you will gain their trust and they will likely to use your services again.


Your potential client might be on a tight budget which could be the main reason and not because your price is higher than your competitors. It can also be a situation where the client likes your work and has accepted your prices, however, they are looking for a discount. Try and find out the context and circumstances under which the client has said these words. This would help you to reason with your client and negotiate better.

Ask the client what their budget is. Let’s say you have submitted a quote of £100 however, the budget of the customer is only £80. Then you can negotiate with the client and try to see if you can reach a price agreement somewhere in the mid-way so that you are both happy.

Assess expectations

It could be that the customer might be looking for something less and you might be over delivering. Try offering the customer a price breakup and let the client choose what is currently required.  The customer only looking for bread and you are offering him a cheese sandwich. In such a scenario, try to match customers expectations with your budget.

In such a frustration situation like this, it can be difficult to make a decision because you do want to lose a client but want to stay true to your prices and have that respected.  You will often face this problem unless what you’re providing is niche or only supplied/manufactured or provided by you.


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