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April 2017: Emerging Writers Fellowship UK @ BuzzFeed (LONDON)


The BuzzFeed UK Emerging Writers Fellowship is designed to offer a platform for young writers of promise who have not been previously been published on BuzzFeed, and to provide access to training and support resources in order to give writers the foundations necessary to excel both as freelancers and on staff at media organisations.

This is a three-month, paid position from our London UK office and we are looking for TWO Fellows to join the team from July to September. Closing date for applications is Friday 12th May 2017.

Fellows will focus on developing personal essays, human interest features, and other longform work with uniquely engaging elements for readers in the UK. During the three-month programme, writers will work out of the London office, where they will have the opportunity to pitch and write regular features and essays, to be a part of developing the voice and reach of BuzzFeed UK’s longform work, and to train with other editorial departments that interest them.

At the end of the three-month programme, writers will have built a varied and ambitious portfolio of work on BuzzFeed, learned to liaise with illustrators and photographers to create visually engaging components for their work, experimented with other editorial formats, and will move forward with the possibility of a continuing freelance contract at an increased rate with BuzzFeed UK.

We’re looking for writers with untold stories who are passionate about examining culture, identity and life experiences through new lenses, who are excited to collaborate and brainstorm new and interesting ways of looking at popular topics, and who are eager to share and improve their work. You should also have:

High emotional intelligence.
Ambitious and creative ideas.
Proven ability to construct clear and interesting arguments and narratives.
Demonstrable knowledge and excitement for a wide range of topics which stimulate and fuel UK culture.
The ability to take the perspective of others.
A knowledge and excitement for the work BuzzFeed UK puts out.
A positive, curious, playful disposition (no haters)

Apply via the BuzzFeed website:

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